California Commercial Asphalt produces a wide array of HMA products to meet your needs. Our materials include everything from rubberized, conventional and warm mix asphalt to coated chips, emulsion and GuardTop sealcoat. Specialty products include porous asphalt and high RAP mixes. Emulsion products include SS-1H, CQS and latex slurrys. We are fully equipped to design mixes to suit your needs. To check out some of our materials in our Gallery,


CCA is proud to be the sole distributor of GuardTop seal in the San Diego and Imperial County markets. GuardTop seal coating is superior to other sealcoat products in its deep and longer-lasting color, versatility, firmer body and greater durability. CCA provides GuardTop at our plant or bulk loads straight to your jobsite. Take a look at our GuardTop gallery and see for yourself. 


CCA is a leader in eco-friendly products. Our warm mix asphalt is used by the City of Chula Vista, National City and the County of San Diego and has proven reliability. CCA optimizes RAP usage and incorporates recycled roofing shingles into mix designs to further our commitment to the environment. CCA partners with local energy suppliers to optimize energy efficiency in our plants. Plus, with our certified CARB compliant trucking partner, rest assured that your product is delivered with the most eco-compliant trucking available in the area.


Quality control is our top priority. We have a full QC staff and state-of-the-art laboratory testing equipment to ensure every load meets your exact specifications.